The Seal is the official symbol of the college. The color White stands for purity and the love that describes our Christian commitment and service to the work of the Lord and His mission. The color Blue signifies Truth about the Word of God as it must be shared amongst all generations.

  The Book symbolizes the Bible as we are bound together in biblical principles. It also stands for the importance of study and education as a right granted equally to all those who seek enlightenment in this institution.

  The Shield characterizes our faith as we stand strong and firm in the Lord and in His mighty power. It is also illustrated as the defender of the Word of God and the truth therein against all attackers and detractors.

  The year 1965 represents the founding year of the college.

The Cross embodies our salvation as our Lord Jesus Christ paid our debt on the cross and redeemed us from all our unrighteousness. It signifies our existence here on earth as individuals and as an institution.

  The Inner Circle epitomizes the coverage of our ministry in the realization of our vision. It represents our ministry in the Philippines and around the world.

  Finally, the Outer Circle that is illustrated with three portions of strands bound together as one rope corresponds to the unity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

College Ethos

The General Baptist Bible College (GBBC) shall be guided by the following ethos and values in the achievement of its vision, mission and...

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College Hymn

Wisdom of God, we would by Thee be taught; Control our minds, direct our ev’ry thought. Knowledge alone life’s problems cannot meet; We learn to live while...

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