The General Baptist Bible College, Inc. (GBBC) over the years has evolved from a small Bible school of 18 students to a multi-level educational institution. Moving towards where it is right now has been challenging as well as inspiring. While nobody perhaps in the past expected the GBBC to grow and expand towards this direction, the current reality is that in order for GBBC to be distinct in its offerings, we need to adapt to the fast changing landscape of basic education, theological, and ministerial training. We need to be proactive in responding to the demands and needs of our stakeholders and the different fields of missions and ministries. Therefore, we need to look into and maximize our physical, human and financial resources and adopt new initiatives to provide the necessary framework to motivate GBBC towards achieving its vision of becoming the premier institution for leadership development for Christian ministries and missions in the Philippines and around the world.

Having just celebrated 50 years, the GBBC should continue to move forward and be ready to face the challenges and opportunities of globalization and integration among neighboring countries thus should intensify its efforts to produce graduates who are effective and efficient leaders and who are of Christ-like character. GBBC therefore, commits itself to equipping and developing leaders deeply rooted in the word of God and fully committed in making disciples of all nations.

To make this happen and to become more relevant, the GBBC has recently engaged itself on a self-analysis and a reality check. In a thorough and deliberate assessment, there is no other way to move forward but to first change and improve the total internal system and culture. However, the change must be planned and managed, hence a strategic and master plan has been developed to address all aspects of GBBC, specifically the following: Academic Program and Curriculum, Physical Resources and Facilities, Student Services, Governance and Administration, Human Resource Development, Research, Development and Extension.

This Strategic Plan that has been dubbed as GBBC's Roadmap to Leadership Development is a collaborative effort that expresses the direction, dreams and goals of the General Baptist Bible College in the next 20 years. It serves as a guide for this institution and shall set the pace as it works towards realizing its vision to be the premier institution in leadership development and guided by our mission of providing quality Christian education and training to ultimately equip and develop leaders. This will help us further in strengthening our partnerships here and abroad to bring about growth and development in our respective ministries as General Baptist and as a body of Christ in the Philippines and around the world, answering to the mandate of making Jesus known and making disciples for Christ in and of all nations.

Joyce C. Porcadilla

GBBC Campus

The GBBC History

The General Baptist Bible College was established in 1965 as an answer to an appeal from the local General Baptist Churches for a much needed training school for national church workers.

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Our Vision

The General Baptist Bible College is the premier institution in leadership development for Christian ministries and missions in the Philippines and around the world.

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