Wisdom of God, we would by Thee be taught; Control our minds, direct our ev’ry thought. Knowledge alone life’s problems cannot meet; We learn to live while sitting at Thy feet. 

  Light of the world, illumine us we pray; Our souls are dark, without Thy kindling ray; Torches unlighted, of all radiance bare. Touch them to flame, and burn in glory there! 

  Incarnate Truth, help us Thy truth to learn, Prone to embrace the falsehood we would spurn; Groping in error’s maze for verity, Thou art the truth we need to make us free.

  Unfailing love, we are so cold in heart, To us Thy passion for the lost impart; Give us thy vision of the need of men, All learning will be used in service then.

  Great King of kings this campus all is Thine, Make by Thy presence of this place a shrine; Thee may we meet within the classroom walls, Go forth to serve Thee from these hallowed halls. AMEN.

GBBC's Official Seal

The College Seal

The Seal is the official symbol of the college. The color White stands for purity and the love that describes our Christian commitment and service to the work of the Lord and His mission. The color Blue signifies...

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College Ethos

The General Baptist Bible College (GBBC) shall be guided by the following ethos and values in the achievement of its vision, mission and...

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