The General Baptist Bible College (GBBC) shall be guided by the following ethos and values in the achievement of its vision, mission and goals:

Commitment. It is our unwavering pride and total dedication towards all Biblical and ethical principles applicable to all spheres of our community and Christian service. It is by sharing an infectious sense of mission to make an impact on society as a whole.

Integrity. This is where our college’s reputation endures. It is the congruence between the college’s character and conduct. This begins with insisting on absolute quality of leadership, education, and service, and acting with a strong sense of accountability in everything we do, thereby earning the trust, respect and confidence of students, churches, sponsors, supporters, colleagues, partners, and the public.

Leadership. The provision of competent management and the implementation of good communal governance aligned to the growing needs of the college. It is the determination to treat each other with respect by communicating openly.

Excellence. This is the aspiration to provide quality education with the compelling desire to improve educational and academic standards with great emphasis on social responsibility, spiritual maturity, and character development.

College Hymn

Wisdom of God, we would by Thee be taught; Control our minds, direct our ev’ry thought. Knowledge alone life’s problems cannot meet; We learn to live while...

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GBBC's Official Seal

The College Seal

The Seal is the official symbol of the college. The color White stands for purity and the love that describes our Christian commitment and service to the work of the Lord and His mission. The color Blue signifies...

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